Beautiful Projects Are Our Specialty
See How Beautiful Your Project Can Be
What We Do For You
  1. Commercial Projects
    Commercial Projects
    From apartments to office building to warehouses, our depth of experience will provide a solid foundation you can rely on for professional results every time.
  2.  Home Projects
    Home Projects
    Every home owner has a vision for their home and we will be there to make sure it is just what you expected, and more. We pride ourselves on quality work, done on time ... every time.
Just A Quick Bit and A Few Pics
With over 27 years of experince in making paint the finishing touch for projects of any size, RTLC Precsion Paint is at your service.

Our commitment is also our passion.  We have helped hundreds of customers, both large and small, put the right color, texture and finish on and in their home, office or apartment.  Each project is important to us because it's important to you.